Financial Planning

How much do you have to put away now so you can retired when you want to?
How long will it take to save for your child's education?
What will happen to your assets if long-term care becomes necessary for your or your spouse?
What are your required IRA distributions?


This service may be an hourly consulting service such as determining whether you should lease or buy an automobile or piece of equipment and any resulting tax costs or savings

Segmented Financial Plan:

The scope of this type of plan may be determining whether you will be financially able to retire at age 55, 60, 62, 65, etc.

Comprehensive Financial Plan:

This plan is our exhaustive Mayo Clinic-type financial check up which includes:

Reviewing and setting up your financial goals

Based upon information you provide, including a discussion of your financial goals, we will

  • prepare a personal financial statement. This tells us where you're at today.
  • prepare your personal budget including short - and long-term projections.
  • review your present debt, considering various debt consolidation and or refinancing alternatives.
  • review all Insurance policies including life, disability, property, health, etc, and prepare a life and disabilities insurance needs analysis including recommendations as to the adequacy or gaps in coverage
  • review your Investments including your asset allocation, diversification and performance record and analyze projections of your current portfolio. We will assist you in establishing investment policies and strategies. Recommendations are made based on a compilation of information, including the tax costs of reallocation or liquidation of any holdings

Retirement planning gets an exhaustive check up including a review of all options available and projections of retirement income and expenses at different retirement ages using different planning assumptions. We

  • review your current income tax bracket
  • make tax savings recommendations that can be implemented now as part of your preparation for the future
  • review your current estate plan including wills or trusts.
  • present Estate tax savings techniques for consideration

Education planning If this is one of the goals you have identified, we prepare projections of future college costs and offer college investment planning tips. We use 529 plans to invest education funds to get the most tax benefits and growth.

This process generally requires three to four sessions and culminates in a comprehensive written financial plan, a plan which will be the roadmap to your successful financial future. The plan will be reviewed each year to accommodate your changing needs and lifestyle.