Investment Advisory Services

For each investment client we first assist in developing an investment plan which incorporates their objectives, risk tolerance, and investment timeline. You then have the option of using our advisory services on a consulting basis or in taking advantage of our comprehensive Asset Management services.

We have developed an ongoing system of managing money, our ACTIVE ASSET ALLOCATION PROGRAM, which combines three traditional investment disciplines:

  1. Strategic Management employs historical data and quantitative analysis of numerous types of investments (i.e. investment "classes" such as common stocks, bonds, real estate, etc.) to determine rates of return and statistical risk for each separate class, and for the combinations of classes (portfolio mix)

  2. Tactical Management integrates current economic and market trends to determine the probability of certain asset classes doing well during the coming economic cycle. Portfolio mixes are changed to take advantage of the coming cycle trend and shorter-term market swings

  3. Dynamic Asset Management addresses the circumstances unique to each individual client. Client objectives, risk tolerances, time frames, and cash flow needs, fiduciary responsibilities, etc. are all taken into account in selecting appropriate asset classes and a portfolio mix. Tax considerations are taken into account with appropriate Tax Manages Accounts may be utilized.

We use prescreened pooled accounts (mutual funds) as well as ETFs (exchange traded funds) for cost and transaction efficiency. We utilize several sophisticated software programs which quantify risk based upon historical returns. We also receive economic data and forecasts from the best major investment firms and economists in the country. We use this information to formulate opinions regarding our clients portfolio, both short and long term positions.


Each account is reviewed at least monthly, more frequently when we feel the economic climate suggests potential volatility.

We prepare a written report for every client on a quarterly basis. Along with all positions in the portfolio, we report on our performance as it compared to overall indices as well as our recommendations for the following quarter. 

Client meetings may be quarterly, semi-annual or annual. Meetings focus upon our investment strategy as well as updating or making changes to your financial plan.